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Glow in Dark Hazard Warning yellow/black with Text (Sheet)

Glow in Dark Hazard Warning yellow/black with Text (Sheet)
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Glow in Dark Hazard Warning yellow/black with Text (Sheet)
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Glow in the dark  Anti-slip Floor Sheet with text sheets are a 150 x 610mm gritted surface sheets giving excellent traction and are available with wording: Caution, beware ramp, beware step, trip hazard, slippery floor. These sheets can be installed onto most surfaces and are extremely durable. 


  • 1 x Adhesive Sheet (150 x 610mm )
  • 60-grit Aluminium-Oxide anti-slip surface
  • Long life photo-luminescent PVC Grit Carrying Web
  • Self-adhesive reverse side with peel-off film for adhesive layer protection
  • Pressure-sensitive high performance acrylic adhesive
  • Low thickness of less than 1 mm (without release liner)
  • Solid product (not laminated)
  • Available in rolls and pre-cut strips
  • Colours luminescent (almost white) and luminescent/black striped
  • Texts: Beware Slippery Floor, Beware Trip Hazard, Beware Step, Beware Ramp, Caution
  • Properties:

    • Luminescent/black striped with additional warning function
    • Luminescent/black striped with printed warning text for special dangerous
    • With clear visual surface
    • Luminance of 175% above DIN67510
    • 55 mcd/m² after 10 minutes, 8 mcd/m² after 60 minutes
    • Fading time 16 hours
    • Exceptional slip-prevention rated to R13 according to DIN 51130
    • Quick, simple and easy to apply
    • No specialist knowledge required
    • Strong, long life adhesive keeping the product in place
    • Usable on nearly all properly prepared surfaces
    • Priming of concrete, cement and wood surfaces is recommended
    • High wear resistance (approx.1 Million crossings)
    • Tear-resistant
    • Forklift traffic resistant
    • Resistant to most chemicals
    • Mineral oil resistant
    • Largely UV-stable
    • Easy cleaning
    • Wide useful temperature range of -20 up to +60 °C
    • Installation temperature from +12 °C
    • Installation requirements â?" substrate must be clean and dry
    • Can be walked on immediately after installation
    • Load bearing after 6-8 h
    • Maximum adhesion after 72 h (depending on temperature and humidity)


    • Marking of hazardous areas (day and night)
    • Prevention of slipping accidents and the resulting costs
    • Rectifies smooth, wet substrates or substrates smeared with oil or grease
    • For internal areas
    • For medium to high traffic
    • Entrances, passages, paths
    • Steps, slopes, ramps
    • Kitchen and canteens

    Slip-resistant hazard warning day and night!

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