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Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Heavy Duty Floor Paint
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Heavy Duty Floor Paint
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dmd heavy traffic epoxy floor coating is a hard wearing floor paint which is easily applied to new and old concrete surfaces that carries medium traffic. Ideal for garage floors and warehouses from home to industrial units. High build finish with superior hard wearing elements, great for forklift traffic and high volume traffic.


  • 2-component epoxy resin system
  • Consisting of epoxy resin base and hardener
  • Water-based (solvent-free)
  • Colours: grey, light grey
  • Coverage: 5ltr= 15-20
  • Priming may be necessary on porous floors. 
  • 5ltr


  • Very easy to use, no specialist knowledge required
  • Self-levelling after application with a paint roller
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, stone and certain asphalt floors
  • Can even be applied on already coated substrates
  • Only one coat needed
  • Creates an attractive glossy and smooth surface
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Suitable for forklifts and heavy goods vehicle traffic
  • Dust-free
  • Impenetrable
  • Odour-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to oils, fuels and lubricants,solvents and cleaning agents
  • Resistant to chemicals - dilute acids, bases, salt and sugar
  • Resistant to most bacteria
  • Improves hardness of concrete floors
  • Application rate 5kg for 15-20m²
  • Can be walked on and re-coated after approximately 12 hours
  • Load resistant after 24-36 hours depending on temperature and humidity
  • Complete chemical curing time 7 days
  • Installation temperature +10°C to +30°C
  • Installation conditions - substrate must be dry, clean, free of dust and grease
  • Substrate pre-conditioning by polishing and priming recommended (see Accessories)
  • For open and porous substrates priming necessary, see Accessories
  • Fresh concrete must be completely cured
  • Processing time after mixing maximum 30 minutes


  • For heavy duty traffic in commercial and industrial units of all kinds
  • Warehouses with forklift traffic
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shops
  • Car repair shops
  • Vehicle halls and multi-story car parks
  • Showrooms and exhibition halls
  • Food industry
  • Diaries, breweries, bakeries, butcher shops and slaughterhouses

High-performance floor coating for heavy duty traffic in commercial and industrial areas.

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