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Non Slip Blue Floor Sheets (10 Pack)

Non Slip Blue Floor Sheets (10 Pack)
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Non Slip Blue Floor Sheets (10 Pack)

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Easy to apply Slip-resistant Blue floor sheets that are sold in a pack of 10 sheets and are available in 7 different sizes. Great for internal and external floor, ramps, steps in industrial and commercial surroundings:


  • Each size is sold in a pack of 10
  • Prevention of slipping accidents and the resulting costs
  • Rectifies smooth, wet substrates or substrates smeared with oil or grease
  • For internal and external areas
  • For low, medium or high traffic
  • Entrances, passages, paths
  • Steps, slopes, ramps
  • Machines, vehicles
  • Kitchen and canteens
  • Terraces, shelters

Ideal for slip resistant floor marking in workshops, production rooms and warehouses.

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