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Anti Fatigue Chequered Mat 13.410.011

Anti Fatigue Chequered Mat 13.410.011
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Anti Fatigue Chequered Mat 13.410.011

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The bevelled edge borders of the anti-Fatigue Mat increase safety, As well as providing a comfortable standing surface, it reduces fatigue from prolonged standing by easing pressure to the feet and legs 


  • Double-ply mat made of foamed PVC
  • Structured and slip-resistant surface
  • Chequered plate appearance
  • Slip-resistant back
  • Framed bevelled protective edge to prevent trips
  • Weight 7 kg/m_
  • Thickness 14 mm
  • Dimensions 60 x 90 cm
  • Colour Yellow Edge
  • Long edge black, yellow or black/yellow shaded


  • Anti-fatigue
  • Temperature-insulating
  • Sound-damping
  • Good slip-resistance (both sides)
  • Applicable on most substrates
  • Excellent wear-resistance
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Easy cleaning


  • Suitable for standing activities mainly
  • For moderate up to high traffic
  • In front of machines, tables and most work stations
  • Kitchens, canteens
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