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Asphalt Repair Set 10.200.001

Asphalt Repair Set 10.200.001
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Asphalt Repair Set 10.200.001
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For fast repairs of potholes in most surfaces, great for pothole repair in roads, car parks and tarmac paths.


  • Ready mixed bitumen
  • Colour black
  •  25kg


  • Suitable for wet, cold and hot conditions
  • No special preparations, no priming necessary
  • Ready to use - no need to add water
  • Simply put the mixture in the hole and compact (tamper down)
  • For compacting use our tamper (see accessories)
  • Immediately accessible by vehicles
  • Extremely durable
  • Apply up to a depth of 10mm in one layer, apply more layers if necessary
  • Coverage rate 25kg for approx. 1m² at thickness of 15mm (compacted)


  • For fast repair of potholes in asphalt floors
  • Applicable everywhere and in all weathers
  • Suitable for heavy traffic

Simple and fast elimination of potholes in asphalt floors regardless of the weather

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